Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Caar!

Noah loves him some cars.
With his simple little toddler talk, it sounds like he's saying "cawh" instead of "car", but you get the idea. There are times when he will play with his cars for close to an hour without needing any mommy supervision. If only those cars in the above picture weren't so heavy and hard. More than once has Noah dropped one of those bad boys on his tootsies.
 Speaking of tootsies; Noah loves to try on Daddy's shoes. He'll hunt down a pair of Stephan's sneakers or flip flops, whichever is more readily available, and try and try to step into them on his own until he has both feet firmly encased in the oversized footwear. He's also attempted this with my rainboots, which was just funny because once he was actually in them (with a little help from me), they came up to his hips and he couldn't actually move. Yes, seeing my big boy in his daddy's shoes reminds me that he still has a lot of growing up to do.
  Speaking of Daddy, have I mentioned lately how much Noah loves his daddy and Stephan loves his boy? In the picture above, Stephan had just come home from work. Noah was eating in his high chair, but as soon as he heard the keys in the lock, he perked up his head and said "Daddy!" And Stephan was happy to hold Noah, even though his back was killing him, as it has been for about a week now thanks to some pinched nerve. I had to take a picture because Noah was holding his Daddy so tightly and smiling like there wasn't a better place to be in the world than in his daddy's embrace.
  I plan on having fun tonight, friends! Tonight is our annual Sunday School Christmas party! To those of you who don't know my Sunday school peeps, you might be thinking, "Sunday school Christmas party? Woo hoo. That sounds crazy." But your sarcasm would, in fact, be quite accurate! At Sylvania church, God has combined a plethora of extraordinary and fantastic couples and families into a Sunday school group that is very much a blessing to be a part of. Good times and laughter are pretty much a given at any event we hold. And since our Christmas parties are white elephant gift exchanges, things can get pretty crazy. In preparation, I have to buy and bake about two dozen cinnamon rolls.

   Now, I have to shower. Later, folks!

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