Monday, December 12, 2011

I guess I should start Christmas shopping

Last night friends, I experienced the humbling hand of God.
As a precursor to this story, I'd like to have you all know that I was not too proud or even excited to undertake the task to be described in the first place. I was, in fact, super nervous. Now on to the story:
 A few weeks ago, when I was still relatively small and had plenty of breathing space, our church's worship team director called me and asked me if I would like to sing a solo at our annual Sylvania family Christmas celebration. I said yes. I picked out a song and worked on it to the best of my rusty abilities by myself. I managed to squeeze in two practices with Mr. Huggins on the piano/organ. Needless to say, come showtime, I still didn't feel quite ready for a performance. Also, by the night on which I was to sing a solo in front of the majority of my church family, I had just about enough room in my torso for quick, shallow breathes and very little support from my poor, crowded diaphragm. But I prayed and I asked anyone I knew to pray for me as well.      
The evening for me went a little sumtin' lik-a dis: Awe! cute children's choir! Sweet mommy/daughter duet on stage, please don't make me cry! Yay, more singing and revelry! Oh no, precious dramatization of loving family traditions is making me choke up! Uh oh, here comes my cue to head to the stage... HOLY COW, WHERE THE HECK IS MY STARTING NOTE? This is so painfully emabarassing, I kind of want to black out and not remember this. What's that, Mr. Huggins? You want to start over from the beginning because you were having sheet music issues? Hey! There's my note! Yay, the second time through isn't devastatingly bad! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, I finished! I feel faint, Stephan, let's go home.
   All in all, not a horrible experience, but I do hope people forget about that little intro part very soon.

Noah is incredibly stinky right now. I have a diaper to change and a bath to prepare. If anyone finds a method for encouraging toddlers to sleep in, please let me know. I would love you forever.
   Today, I start Christmas shopping! Woohoo 

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