Friday, September 2, 2011

How Marvelous, How Wonderful!

...and my song shall ever be how marvelous, how wonderful is my Savior's love for me!

  God is so good. Yesterday, Stephan and I got to see the baby He is knitting together in my womb. Since good news needs to be shared, I'd like to introduce you to Witten Allen Du Toit:
His adorable profile

his sweet little face
  Mr. Witten is already nothing like his older brother. Noah was always a docile, calm baby, even in my tummy. This little boy is a mover and a shaker! He made the ultrasound technician chase him all over my belly. We finally got a good shot of his handsome face. Needless to say, Witten's father and I are so very excited! Noah's acting indifferent for now, but I think he's excited as well.
"When little brother gets here, I'll show him how to play with toys!"
  Due to some minor issues that the doctor said should be little concern, we get to see Witten Allen again in 8 weeks! (More pictures to come then).
   I got to share the great news with all my friends at Bunco night last night. While there, I commanded the other pregnant mothers to take a pregnant-pose picture with me. Now friends, I've been starting to feel a little large lately. After snapping the adorable shot below, I realized that I still have some growing to do.
Me: 20 weeks,  Emily: 31 weeks, Meredith: 32 weeks(-ish?)
   (Meredith was being a bit deceitful in her choice of shirt color for this picture as she is having a little girl, not a boy. We forgave her.) Colleen was not there with her big-ole pregnant belly, so I'll have to catch her later and rope her into one of these here pictures.
     I am so happy right now. I'm going to have two sons. Wow. Two little boys! I hope they're best friends. I hope Witten is healthy. I pray daily, just as I do with Noah, that God will save him while he is in his youth and bring him into His kingdom. I also kinda hope these two aren't too similar looking. My mom has a hard enough time getting me and my sister's names right, and we look nothing alike.
   Now, faithful readers, I'm off to make lunch! May God bless you today.

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  1. he is perfect.....that profile picture made me melt.