Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I felt a need for sweet today. Thusly, I went out and bought cake mix and icing. My intent was to make cup cakes, but when I looked for my cup cake pan, I couldn't find it. Oh well, cake is just as delicious.
   On a related note, if anyone wants to come over for pulled beef (the neat-o Brookshire's by my house didn't have any pork roasts) and cake tonight, let me know!
    So here I sit, licking the batter bowl and thinking about the time in the near future when I will make cookies or cup cakes with my two sons and let them lick the beaters and bowl clean, just like my mother did with me and my siblings, and it makes me smile. I'm definitely looking forward to making memories with all my babies that they will hopefully treasure for the rest of their lives. Memories like dying Easter eggs, hunting for the perfect Christmas tree, jumping into massive piles of leaves that Daddy worked for hours to rake together, having family movie nights, and other fun and simple activities that I remember with smiles.
 Also, I hope to ingrain in them, through gentle and loving encouragement, the weekly routine of attending church. My parents took all three children to church every Sunday, save only for the rare days that one of us was sick or we were iced in (That happened twice). Of course, as a kid and well into my high school career, I often resented church and having to go to it, but  I went every Sunday all the same, even when Mom or Dad didn't go. Now, most likely thanks to the fact that I have found a church that I love very much, I look forward to attending Sunday morning service.  That's just one of several spiritually healthy habits I'd like our family to get hooked on.
 All of this thinking has reminded me how parents are so stinking important to a growing child's life. It puts a lot of pressure on Stephan and my shoulders when I think about how even the smallest things we do and say, starting from when they are very young, will have a lasting impact on Noah, Witten, and all future Du Toit's lives. If I had to do this alone, or even if it was just me and Stephan trying to do this ourselves, it would be too much. Praise God, praise God, we have unlimited help coming from an almighty God. I pray every night that God enables me to be the mother my sons need; the loving, supportive, stern yet forgiving mother that reflects Biblical values from my life into theirs.
    Thank You, God, for the Bible, and for revealing your perfect parenting techniques in it. Help me to align my parenting style as closely to Yours as possible. Also, thank You for blessing me with parents who set such good examples for me through their lives and their words. And thank You very much for that guy You made my husband. He's a good one. And such a good Daddy. Noah loves him so much. Amen,
   Woo hoo! Cake's ready! Now, I must go and frost. Seriously, if anyone wants to come over for cake anytime in the near future, call me! Please don't make me eat all of this by myself.       

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