Friday, September 9, 2011

My eyes are burning.

I think I got some organic, cucumber-cranberry eye gel in my eye. Organic doesn't make it any less painful or irritating.
   Today was a joyful day of associating with friends and eating unhealthy foods. That's the perfect combo for a great day. First was watching the Skinners move in to their new apartment, then Noah and I headed to Miss Crisi's for some playtime and then a Mary Kay facial party. I super enjoy Mary Kay facial parties because I get to play with makeup. (yeah!) While at Crisi's, Noah took an impressive 3-hour nap. After that, we ran home, changed, dined quickly, then went back to the Skinners' to warm their new home with $5 pizzas. The pizza was good and greasy and then we walked through the park with Noah and Lydia in Lydia's awesome wagon. I got a stitch in my side so bad that I had some difficulty breathing for a bit. I totally walked it off.
   Tomorrow, we have a lovely, lazy morning not planned out at all. Well, by "we", I mean me and Noah. Stephan's got a full and productive morning scheduled. Tomorrow afternoon, however, the whole of the Du Toit clan, including Ouma and Oupa, is heading to Dallas to help celebrate cousin Ashton's 3rd birthday. It's gonna be a late night, as the party ins from 5 to 7. I guess I should get some sleep.
     Have a blessed and peaceful night and weekend, readers.     

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