Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pictues return!

Why yes, I do have a camera.
 This morning, Noah and I went to see how Miss Aubrey and Lydia are settling in to their new apartment. So far, it looks and smells lovely. Lydia was so happy to see Noah that, just like yesterday, it took a while for her to calm down and stop giving him hugs. It was adorable on Lydia's part, but near unbearable for poor Noah. So much affection! 
This it the only picture I  got of Lydia loving on Noah and Noah being all, "get away!"
    Aubrey and I spent the morning eating Mac 'n Cheese and watching Lydia and Noah kinda play together. And no, we did not put them both into Lydia's pac 'n play to be mean, they both crawled in there through the open flap-thingie. 
Lydia would see a camera and not stop smiling hugely until a picture of her was taken.
 After this fun play time, I ran to Andy's to buy Aubrey and myself a decadent treat (it was so very good) and then we went to Playdate!
 In the beginning, it was Noah, Lydia, Lucy, Madi, Benjamin, his older sister Josephine, and little bitty Kyle. After munching on some mandarin oranges, Noah seemed a bit overwhelmed with all the activity and commotion and tended to play by himself in the corner, as he has been doing at most gatherings lately. Towards the very end, however, when it was just him and his girls, Noah moved to the center of the room and allowed Madi and Lucy to pet his head. 
soft like a kitten.
 I got to love on Kyle for a bit. That was fun. And I got kisses from Lucy and Madi. I asked Lucy to smile for the camera and so she got really close to me and did this:
    I absolutely love all those little babies. Or should I say active toddlers. All of them are walking around and starting to talk and learning all these new things every day. It's such a blessing that Noah has friends his age to grow up with, and I that I have friends with children about Noah's age that I can be so close to. 
Lovin' on Lydia
Aubrey aggravated her baby fever by holding a sleeping newborn.
 I was hoping to get a cute group photo of all the babies before we left, but as usual, planned pictures never go as I hope they do. Madi refused to sit with the others and nobody wanted to look at the camera, but I still think the shot I got is cute.
Noah's all, "would you please quit touching my leg?"
 Another great thing about playdate is how thoroughly it wipes out Noah. He should sleep for a few hours now.
    I love my friends. Thank You, God, for all of them. Especially Karen.

Now enjoy this very brief peek into our weekly play times:

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