Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fish Fries are Fun!

Fish Frys? Stephan and I went to a fish fry at a sweet couple from church's house. I've been to one other fish fry in my life. It was at a friend of Stephan's house for Stephan's first father's day. That one was tasty, but this one was packed with friends from church. It was a massive get together. The fish was yummy, the french fries were delicious, and someone made some incredible brownies. Noah ran freely amongst children of all ages. He also got super dirty. It was a pretty successful gathering.
    On a side note that is related to my last post, I finally got a picture with Colleen. I like this picture because, though the quality is rougher (because it was at night), You can get a bit more of a time-lapse contrast from this picture.
Again, me; 20 weeks, Emily; 31 weeks, Colleen; 38 weeks
    It's basically how pregnancy looks at 20, 30 and 40 weeks. As you can see, Colleen has an adorable, round belly, Emily's close behind, and I just look kinda large. I love it, because I get to look forward to getting that big again. And Colleen is awesome because she's going for the all-natural delivery in the hospital. I think that maybe with my third or fourth pregnancy, I might try for no drugs, but until then, I'm too much of a pansy. So I shall be praying for her, as well as all my other soon-to-give-birth friends. I really am excited about giving birth again. Noah was a good experience. Let's hope this one is similar.
     Tomorrow is church. Yay!

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