Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post-Christmas blues

You know that little funk you find yourself in after the emotional high of the holidays? Suddenly, the anticipation is gone, the lights are off, the Christmas music has retired for the next 11 months, and there's nothing left to look forward to. It may seem like that, but I know that's not true. Mainly because my family has a lot of birthdays to celebrate in January, starting with Witten's. Witten is going to be a year old! Next Tuesday, five days from now, at 8:41-ish in the morning, my baby's going to be 1! Wow, I've got some serious party planning to slam together...
 Jesus' birthday came and went with a joyful bang, and we had so much fun! Here are them pictures I promised.
The Sunday before Christmas, the boys wore matching outfits that I have been harboring for over a month.
 Per usual, Pastor Dancy delivered a doozy of a sermon about how vital it was that God actually became fully man while maintaining his complete deity. It was one of those sermons that truly made me praise God that He did what He did. It also made my head hurt as I tried in vain to comprehend how big and awesome God is and how all that became a baby, the opposite of big and awesome. How? I don't know. I'm just glad God lets us know the "why".

 On Christmas eve we celebrated with Stephan's family. I love his family. They're a bunch of really cool peeps who make amazingly cute kids. Above is exhibit "a": cousins Ashton and Julia. They were being goofy/very serious. Below is exhibit "b": the babies. Please notice how precious the two blonde babies in Stephan's arms are.
Bear is sooooooo cuuuuuteeee!
Christmas morning, Noah helped me make cinnamon rolls, our traditional Christmas morning breakfast.
 This was Witten's first Christmas. I liked the fact that he was almost 1. That enabled him to be more aware of what was going on.
He and all his teeth were super excited from the get-go

Witten was one of those slow, meticulous gift-openers. Daddy usually finished the unwrapping when it started to take too long.
Not too impressed with our offering. The paper was more fun.
 I was very excited about the present we got for Noah. You see, Noah recently found Stephan's roller blades and commenced trying to ride them around like a scooter. Therefore, when we saw a pair of kiddie roller skates to strap on over Noah's shoes, I was certain that those were the perfect present for Noah.  
 I was right. He loved them and wouldn't even let us take the time to put on his shoes before he put on his new skates. It'll take a little more practice, but I think he's a natural.
  After completing our little family celebration, we trekked to Bebe and Papa's for more present unwrapping.
They do such mean things to this poor child.
 After presents and stockings, we watched The Muppet Christmas Carol, a Florey family tradition. We Du Toits returned home for nap time and afterwards Witten and I went to Overton to celebrate Christmas with some more Floreys while Noah stayed home with Stephan 'cause Stephan wasn't feeling well.
  And then, the most magical thing happened. On December 25th, 2012, it snowed in East Texas!
I have dreamed of a White Christmas before, but not in a while. Sometimes you give up wishing for and praying for and hoping for something when it seems like it's too impossible to ever happen. I think God was answering several earnest, innocent prayers from expectant children with ample faith this Christmas. And we were all blessed by it. Therefore, I have pledged to never give up hope. If I want faith that can move mountains, I need to live in faith and act on faith. Because, seriously, if it can snow on Christmas day in Texas, then anything's possible. 

  Have a happy and blessed New Year, readers!

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