Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dear friends

I pray often for Noah and Witten's friends. Their current and future friends are just coated in my prayers. I want them to be sweet friends who are good influences and who will walk alongside my boys in God's will for their lives. I know all too well that Noah and Witten will meet kids who will be those friends who I will not be too fond of, but I'm praying wholeheartedly that God will use even them to build my sons' characters and draw them closer to Himself. For now, I thank God for the sweet widdle friends my boys already have. The thought of losing any of them makes my heart ache painfully.
I like you, Caleb. You're alright.

We're so happy to be friends! Wait, where's Lucy?

Witty-A and the Chunky bunch

Oupa showed us poop. Pooooop!!
Precious friends!

Thank you, friends, for having good children. You are now forbidden to ever leave me.

Be blessed, dear readers!

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