Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One year

I have a two and a half year-old and a one year-old.
This morning, to commemorate my baby turning one, I went back and read a few of my blog posts from when Witten was born.
Baby Witten's first nap on Daddy in the hospital.
The pictures are the best part. I love seeing how much Witten Allen has grown, yet it also make me very sad. I claimed in my first week of being a mommy of two that I was doing much better at really cherishing every moment with my new baby, and yet here I sit, one year later, and the past 12 months are a fuzzy blur in my mind. It went by so quickly!
One month old
I've said it before and I will repeat it forever, I am so glad that I started this blog. God blessed me with a creative mind, but a forgetful and unorganized mind, so I have a hard time remembering anything, much less the sweet little things that both my boys did when they were X months old. But I'm going to try to drum up a few memories now for the sake of remembrance.
Two months old
Witten was born larger than his older brother, but quickly fell behind. The first year of his life, he was below-average in height and weight. He wasn't unhealthy, just smaller. He currently wears exactly his age in clothes. He's 12 months old and he wears 12 month clothing. I like that he's that way. It means he'll be more baby-like for longer.

3 months
 Noah was a very laid back baby. Witten was more so. I do recall him begin more vocal sometimes when he was upset, but other than that, he didn't seem to mind much of anything. He's not much of a go-getter. I didn't want to rush him into growing up or reaching milestones, like I may have tried to do with Noah. Even when I did encourage forward movement, Witten didn't seem to catch on. It wasn't because he was slow, just because he didn't care too. I really do think this child takes more after me than Stephan in that aspect. Uh oh.

4 months
Witten was and is a very happy baby. He's got an adorable laugh and a super cute smile. It got even better when all of his 8 teeth popped up. Now, when he smiles, he loves to show off his pearly whites with a big, cheesy grin.
5 months
Witten's been a bit slow with the speaking. Right now, at 12 months, it seems like the only word Witten's got a handle of is "clap". He likes to clap his hand and say "clap" with each clap, even if it sound more like "kak". He has said "mama" and he has said "dada" and "daddy", but aside from those three, he hasn't said much else at all. He loves to make noise, just not words. I'll worry about that in the future, but for I'm assuming he's just not interested in small talk.
6 months
Witten loves to eat. No, not just loves, LOVES to eat. He will eat himself sick, then keep on going. The little porker.
7 months
Witten has been mobile for a while, but he has only recently began to do anything other than army crawl. Within this last month, maybe even last week, he started carefully cruising around the furniture. I won't say he'll be walking soon, 'cause that might not be the case at all, but I'm glad to see forward movement, literally. 
8 months
Witten has waaaay more hair than his brother had.
9 months
10 months
11 months

Witten may have started off looking like his daddy, but he definitely favors my side of the family. *YAY!*
And now, on January 1st, he's one year old.
Birthday morning, 12 months old!
Witten Allen, I love you so stinking much. You make me happy. You are easy going and laid back and easy to please if I have food. You have made being a mother of two relatively easy because of your accommodating personality. I sometimes complain that you only seem to want me or that you are constantly underfoot or trying to climb my leg, but I honestly love it. I love so much that you are a mommy's boy, and I hope and pray that you will always love me this much, even when I'm the uncool mom and you're the smarmy, sarcastic teenager. God has made you so very unique from your brother and every other little boy out there and I can't wait to see what great things He has in store for you. I pray for your salvation every day, little brother. I want more than anything to know that my sons, whom I love so much, love Jesus as their personal savior.
  Thank you for giving Witten to me, Lord, and thank you for making me his mommy. Please grant me every  good grace I need to raise these boys up the way they should go. May Witten grow up to do great things for You and Your kingdom, Lord Jesus. Amen.   

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