Monday, December 10, 2012

Somebody should write a catchy, memorable show tune about brothers.

Brothers, brothers!
Always finding ways to help each other.
Though we often do compete,
we know our friendship can't be beat!

(I dunno, something like that. Think "Sister, sister" from White Christmas.)

I love how my sons interact. They haven't know each other for a whole year yet, but I can see the affection and camaraderie between them when they play together. Already Noah is quick to share his toys with Witten (after I have told him to and only if it's a toy he's not currently playing with). Yes, of course, both are rarely outright willing to pass along their toys in the midst of play, but Noah's honestly getting much better at not whining at Witten when he goes for the steal. It could be, perhaps, because he finds clever ways to protect what's his. Like flipping over the base of a rocking chair to construct a fortified, impenetrable wall around his toys (as he did this morning). And his plan might have worked, except for the fact that Witten can crawl.
Victorious Witten laughs, stolen prize in hand, at Noah's puny attempts to block his path.
Noah's hoard of hot wheels have been compromised. 
Even so, Noah was amicable in defeat and offered the olive branch race car of peace to his brother at play.
I love these two boys so stinking much
Friends, so far this Christmas season, I have made chocolate no-bake cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and sugar cookies. I only ate most of the no-bake cookies, 'cause you can't say "no" to no-bake cookies. I ate, like, two chocolate chip cookies and one or two sugar cookies. No, that's not super-impressive self discipline, that's wisdom in giving. It's hard to eat cookies if you get them out of your house asap.
  Anyways, today, friends, I make oatmeal cookies. Honestly, unless there are chocolate chips in my oatmeal cookies (which there won't be. I used 'em all up in the chocolate chip cookies), I don't really fancy oatmeal cookies. But, strangely, oatmeal cookie dough may be my all-time favorite dough to munch. Don't judge, those of you who fear sour-melon, I have yet to get sick or die from the consumption of raw eggs. My trick to avoiding salmonella is to eat in tiny portions, like only one spoon-full at a time. Hasn't failed me yet.
   And the good news is that I devoted 20 minutes to working my core this morning, so indulging in a pinch of holiday cheer via cookie dough will be almost, relatively guilt free, kinda.

   In other fun holiday news, yesterday was my home church's Christmas special. It was especially special for my family because Stephan and I participated! We both sang in the choir and then I sang a solo (which was super brave of me in light of last year's performance. See my blog post from Dec. 12 of 2011 for more on that ). We were both bummed that our sons and my parents couldn't be there, as Noah's fever from the night before returned and my parents offered to stay home at watch them, but the show must go on! The whole evening was full of fun, festivity, and a few faux pas, but the familial atmosphere was so warm and happy that the event was a prefect success in my eyes. And the cookies served afterwards... woo!
   Now, friends, the weather outside is finally reflecting the season and my spirits are high, so I'ma wait for my mixer beaters to finish their bath in the dish washer and make festive with some oatmeal cookies. God bless you all, readers!   

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