Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Too cool for School.

And too young, quite frankly. That's why we went to the zoo!
 I know, right? Pretty impressive. Ashley, if you had come, we would have had four big old double strollers. Then doors would have been impossible to squeeze through. But this pictures inspires me to sing.
 Seven cuddly kiddos! Four happy mommies, three double strollers, two pregnant ladies and a cool day perfect for a zoo trip. (Think The 12 Days of Christmas)
 It was a good thing that the zoo was all but deserted when we got there at lunch time, 'cause our line up of strollers took up all viewing space at every exhibit. 
 Witten and Ella missed each other and Wyatt and Noah missed each other, so we let them swap stroller partners. Notice Ella little biker jacket. And yes, Witten's a dinosaur.
 The toddlers did wonderfully well this go-round. Usually one or more starts whining to get down or eat a snack or just whines to whine by about five minutes in. I'm sad to report that Witten was the only child that got super grumpy and cried. He's been having gassy issues this morning, though, so I couldn't blame him.
 Probably their favorite part of this zoo trip, however, was the pit stop in the sand pit. They tore it up and had a marvelous old time of it.
Witten cheered up after his second diaper change and enjoyed watching his older bro and friends run around.

  That's all I care to type today. Be blessed, dear readers!

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