Saturday, December 15, 2012

Way to ruin a good thing, Cold

Today was supposed to be one of the most awesome, enjoyable, fun days of the year. Today was my mom's side of the family's Christmas celebration. The whole gang was there, except for Melissa. (*poignant glare*) And there was good food and delicious desserts and gifts and the promise of a family walk, which has become a tradition after a large family meal, it seems. And the kicker of this whole shebang: I missed it. I was there physically for the first hour or two, but by the time everybody showed up and things were ready to get awesome, I felt miserable. I tried to avoid people and explain that I had a cold and then push through, because I really wanted to be there, but by the time Stephan got off work and called to see if we were still there, I was ready to go. My loving family wished me well and gave us our presents to take home with us. (Noah loves his Mr. Potato Head). I got home in time to toss the boys (who are feeling much better, for that I thank God) into bed for a nap and then drop my weary, feverish body into my own bed for a brief nap (Witten was soon awake again and ready to party).
   Because of this illness, Stephan and I may not be able to enjoy the mini vacation we've been tossing together for the past week. We had big(ish) plans to drive to Dallas and tear it up at the Gaylord Texan and Great Wolf Lodge and any other awesome place we could get into for free or cheap and then stay with Paul and Erin for a few nights and just enjoy being away from normal responsibilities. Instead, we're sick. While I wish we were all healthy and ready to undertake an epic adventure, I'd be more than happy right now to curl up under a fluffy blanket, eat a bowl of mild soup, and then sleep for a few days.
   Sometimes I wonder why God does things like this. Probably to build character. He's testing me to see how I would respond to an inconvenient cold and foiled plans. Right now, I fear that He's up there shaking his head and clucking his tongue. I'm such a whiner, I know. There are so many much worse things that can be happening to me and my family today, and God is protecting us from them.
Attitude adjustment: Lord, thank you that I am alive and all is well. Thank you for sick days as well as healthy days. Forgive me for my grumbling and help me treasure every day I am given to live. (Though I would be uber appreciative if you did take this ickiness away.) Amen. 

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