Friday, November 16, 2012

Lots o' Tots

I love my friends. I Love my friends' babies. I love that my friends' babies are my babies' friends.
Snugglin' on the hammock with four of the sweetest kids I know.
 God has wonderfully arranged my life and the lives of those near and dear to my husband and I so that our sons have several children close to them in age to be best friends with. I will never try to claim that it was crafty planning on my part, as if my friends and I made a pact to all get pregnant within a year of each other, because I recognize God's handiwork when I see it.
   Anyways, I just wanted to create a quick post about how wonderful these crazy kids are. And to show you, dear reader, the most precious dinosaur you have and will ever see:
Wittenosaurus Cuteacious
Kinda reminds me of another adorable dino-specimen I had once
Noahsaurus orangenoseus
LOVING THIS FALL WEATHER! I could do without the super-dry hands.

Be blessed, readers!

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