Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I have lamented before about the horrible annoyance that is the common cold. I feel the need to do it again. I hate colds. You're not technically sick, but you can't be around people for fear of spreading germs, and you don't feel poorly enough to stay in bed all day, but you're not well enough to go about your usual activities with your usual gusto. I've resorted to staying indoors and keeping my house clean. (As clean as I can while still living in it with a toddler and a mobile baby.)
  Also, I'm watching Dumbo for the first time in years and the cruelty displayed by every person and creature towards poor, different little Dumbo makes me so sad and angry. Then they play that song! THAT SONG! 
This song! 
Yeah, even though I sing it almost daily to my children, I cry like a hopeless woman when I watch it in context in that movie.

 Friends, I hope that y'all are enjoying this cold weather. It feels like Thanksgiving out there. Now,  must finish making Thanksgiving plans. *YAY!*

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