Thursday, November 22, 2012

Give up that thanks, y'all

Today, whew, what a day.
This Thanksgiving was the first after a heavy loss in the family and it also happened to be the "in-law" year, meaning that there was no horde of family to offer emotional support should it be needed. However, God was and is gracious, and there were very few tears shed in memory of Grandma and her green jello "salad" thing that was missing from our Thanksgiving buffet this year. And even though only two of my mother's siblings and their families came over this year, we still had a group of 15 people to celebrate Thanksgiving with.
   The food was great, the laughs and good times were aplenty, and we even took our second annual post-meal family walk, this time with one Frisbee as opposed to two footballs. (It was just as dangerous. Last year Hannah got pelted in the butt by Brian. This year my mom took a hit to that sweet spot right between the shoulder blades, courtesy of Stephan.)  It was a joyous event, indeed.
   However, I have noticed something.
 It is harder to completely kick back, cut lose, relax and enjoy events such as these when you have young children. Especially young children who are still under the weather thanks to allergies compounded by a heinous cold. Both of my boys were good and all, but neither got an afternoon nap and Noah's horrible cough wore him down to the point of sad misery by the end of the day. But even then, Noah claimed he didn't want to leave Bebe and Papa's. Ain't no party like a givin' thanks party 'cause a givin' thanks party don't stop. *COUGH!*
   Both boys were so exhausted that they were asleep the instant the car started moving. We didn't even bother changing them into p.j.s or brushing any teeth, we just tucked them in bed and prayed for Noah's poor throat. Now, I sit in awe of all that I have to give thanks for. And, of how tired I am. But I couldn't go to sleep until I showed y'all a really cute picture:
We love fall!
Be blessed, dear readers. Live a life of gratitude. It's so much nicer that way.

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