Friday, November 2, 2012

Farm life

My in-laws are fantastic. I'm so glad to have the in-laws that I have. I thank God that we can have a sweet, loving relationship and that they are such lovely, caring, sweet people.
  These awesome in-laws of mine gladly allowed me to invite the playgroup I'm a part of out to their farm so as to show our kids a fun time. It was a hit! Feild trips such as these wont happen often as there are a lot of tired tots and moms this afternoon, but it was great fun to see the kids run free and be thoroughly entertained by everything from newborn calves and giant horses, to grass and rocks. I managed to remember my camera, (a miracle of God's doing) and was able to snap off a few great pictures of the day.
Ride massive horsey! (don't worry, Oupa's there, he's just hidden by Bud's giant-ness)

Witten checkin' on the new calf. Such a good farm hand.

Hey mom, look! I'm a baby cow!

Ouma and Oupa love their grandsons. I'm so glad!

Bunch of rugged farm-tots watching the goats get milked.

The farm-babies watched from the wagon. SO CUTE!!
Now, I look forward to Thanksgiving. So stinking excited! I love thanksgiving. The food, the settings, the smells, the sounds, but most of all, the family time. I love my family.

Be blessed today, readers!

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