Thursday, May 24, 2012

So very clean

We're showing our house today. We're doing that thing where you stick you toe in the water to see if it's good for swimming, except our "toe" is our house and the "pool" is the housing market and "to see if it's good for swimming" actually means to see if anyone would even be interested in looking at our house. We've had several calls since Stephan stomped that sign in our front yard last week and today someone is coming to look at it who sounds very interested.
  That being said, I am taking a minor break in a cleaning spree of herculean proportions to let my feet rest and tell you readers how incredibly clean and good smelling my house is right now. To give you an idea of how deep and intense my cleaning is today: I spent the morning inhaling Clorox bleach on my knees as I scrubbed every porcelain tile in both our bathrooms. (Still not much of an improvement for our sad master shower, but the black mold is gone at least). Now all I have left to do is rotate the laundry one more time and empty out the dishwasher and vacuum then put away the clean laundry. Crap. That's still a lot.  At least I'm not doing small scale, last minute construction like Stephan is. Poor husband.
  I must go. Suck it up, feet. Consider yourselves lucky you aren't Stephan's feet. 

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