Monday, May 28, 2012

Have I mentioned before how much I loathe mosquitoes?

I wish that hate of mosquitoes could kill mosquitoes. There would be no mosquitoes anymore.
 Friends, I have some cute pictures for you today. Pictures from my weekend that tell the story of said weekend. Here ya go:
 Firstly, I was a bridesmaid for the first time! My sweet friend from back in the ole days married Mr. Totally-right-for-her and looked beautiful doing it. I got to try my hand at bridesmaid-ing. I like it. Somebody else I know needs to hurry up and get married!
You shoulda seen her in her dress. Bee-utyfull.
 Here's an adorable picture of Witten just peekin' at me from his daddy's lap.
 Noah got his very own set of real (albeit small) tools! He won't be able to handle them unsupervised or on his own for a while (as a saw and several other very dangerous mini-tools were included in this set), but he was stoked to be like daddy. He set to measuring everything with the little measuring tape you see in his left hand.
 And then, probably the highlight of Noah's Sunday; seeing his pal Grayson. We were unable to make it to Grayson's 2nd birthday party due to the wedding I was in, but we sure were happy to see him on Sunday. The evening went a little something like this.
Hey, Mom, look who's here!

Grayson's here! I'm so happy!


More wrestling!


Let's never stop wrestling!
 And then, friends, we get to this night. A night for quiet and gentle play.
My eyes adore you.
 I tell you what, readers, when Witten  looks at me with his sweet, blue eyes, eyes that speak of complete trust and uninhibited love, I melt. He needs me. That's what I think tugs at my heartstrings the hardest. That little boy needs his mommy. Of course he loves his daddy. Daddy can make him laugh with one silly look. But for right now, at this tender, tiny age, he needs his mommy. He's so wonderfully sweet and loveable! Blessed! Blessed! I am blessed!
Playing's tough work.
    Someday, that little sweetheart you see in the foreground of the above picture will be that funny tot in the background. He won't need me per say, but he'll still love me. And I will most certainly love him. As long as I'm living, my baby they will both be.
   Goodnight, readers. May your evenings be blessed!

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