Monday, May 7, 2012

I Sit, Therefore, I Blog.

Having finally found a moment in my hustle to get my house back to some semblance of normalcy, I think It's time I bless you readers with a breakdown of what my weekend was like. And it goes a little somethin' like-a 'dis:
 On Friday, Stephan and I finished the final preparations for Noah's birthday bash in our back yard. I have no qualms in admitting that I got the lightest share of that load, as my idea of prepping for a birthday party is cleaning and decorating and setting out food, whereas Stephan's idea of preparing for a party is minor construction and renovations to the back yard. As you saw in my former post, Stephan built a new area for lounging in the back yard that included shade. What you didn't see, as I didn't show you, is that Stephan made that area into a massive, awesome sandbox! It's like a have a beach in my own back yard! And boy, does Noah love it!
 Anyways, we had the house and yard set, prepped, and ready to go by the party on Saturday. Almost all of Noah's friends made it to the festivities. Besides the toddler-attracting sandbox, there was a slip-n-slide and watermelon.
Watermelon, get in mah belleh!
Noah's artistically decorated cake
Witten got in on the fun

It's not a party without hats

  Noah got plenty of super-neat presents from his considerate friends. He's been so excited about all of his presents that he skipped checking in on his parents in our bed this morning in favor of hauling out some of his new toys to play with in the living room.

  After Noah's friends and their parents went home to take  a nap (and I'm pretty sure several parents at least wanted to nap if they didn't actually get to), Stephan's family came over for birthday party, part 2. Once they left, Stephan and I took the boys to Bebe and Papa's so that Noah could see the neat-o pool that was set up for his enjoyment. Then, after a long day of partying hard, we all went home to sleep. And it was good.
  On Sunday, the actual date of Noah's birth two years ago, we enjoyed a refreshingly normal morning at church, save for the fact that I sang with the worship team again for the first time since I was about 5 or 6 months pregnant with Witten. Right after church, we changed quickly and scuttled to Jacksonville for more Du Toit family fun, this time with Paul and Erin and their two. Ashton, Noah and Julia had a blast helping Ouma feed a baby goat and Great Ouma water the baby cows. Then they held a few foot races. Ashton won every time, but he's got almost two years on Noah and Julia, so it wasn't a fair race.
Who doesn't like a ride in a golf cart?
Sweet snuggle time with great Ouma
  We were back in Tyler by 4:45 for another speedy clothes change before we booked it to Double Daves for the grand finale to Noah's birthday weekend. The Tracys, Killians, Smiths, Floreys, and Varnells came out to celebrate Noah and his Great Papa's 2nd and 70th birthdays respectively. ( that's my mom's dad, not mine). By 7:00, Noah was rubbing his eyes and snuggling with everybody who held him. He was officially party-pooped out.
   As a treat for Mommy and Daddy, Bebe and Papa took Noah and Witten home with them to watch them while we went to the theater right down the way to watch the Avengers. It. Was. AWESOME! Probably one of the best movies I've seen in a while. There was action galore with fresh comedy sprinkle liberally throughout. My sister and I agree that it would have been a smidge better if there had been a bit of romance snuck in there. Stephan disagreed. Either way, it was a great movie to see and I highly recommend it to all. What I don't recommend you do is take your toddler to see it. (Yeah, I'm lookin' at you, inconsiderate parent who sat right behind us.) Thankfully, they removed the loud, fussy, underage movie-goer right after the preview for the new Batman movie freaked him out. (Seriously, what did they expect?)
  Now, I clean. My house is slowly but surely returning to it's pre-party state, and I am glad. Also, now is a good time for a moment of silent introspection as I sit in amazement over the fact that I have a two-year-old son. Oh God, You have been so good to me! Thank You for this amazing young boy. Be with him as he continues to grow and amaze his father and I with all that he is, all that You made him to be. Most important of all, save him, loving Father. Save him from himself and his sins. Cause him to love You, just as You love him. Thank You, thank You, thank You!  

  To end; a video of Noah attempting to hit a ball off of a tee and then failing and doing a little hulk smash instead:

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