Thursday, May 10, 2012

So happy

Witten loves Butterfly like Noah loves his trucks and cars. It's adorable.
My poor snuggle-head (Noah) was sick sick sick yesterday. He had the highest fever he'd ever had and he was miserable for it. This morning, he woke up warm and sweaty, but was peachy-keen by the time we got to the doctor for his 2 year check up. According to the doctor, Noah's healthy, intelligent, adorable, cute, funny, great with words, smells good, has beautiful eyes... (He didn't exactly say all of those adjectives, but I inferred as much from his otherwise brief appraisal of my son). Now, Noah's partying hard in his sandbox as though he was not ghastly sick just hours ago. I think I remember a time I had that kind of vigor for life.
  Witten is begging me to take him outside to watch his big bro sling some sand around with hot wheels and tonka trucks. I can't resist his cuteness, so I must oblige. God Bless ye, merry gentle-readers. May nothing you dismay!  

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  1. "God Bless ye, merry gentle-readers. May nothing you dismay!"

    I just got hs choir flashbacks