Thursday, May 17, 2012

I've always wanted to do this

When my sister and I were young, our mother would sometimes dress us in similar or matching outfits. At the time, I thought it was dumb because I was sure nobody would believe that Melissa and I were twins. We looked nothing alike! I don't recall if I actually voiced my opinion out loud then, but I'm pretty sure that was one of those things I promised myself I would never do to my children. Silly, ignorant, young me.
  As soon as Stephan and I started planning for a little sibling for Noah, I started planning matching outfits. Easter outfits, Christmas outfits, outfits for everyday wear, I had dreams of color-coordinated children dancing in my head. (I understand now, Mom. Sorry for ever doubting you). Then, when I finally had two little boys who already looked quite similar in appearance, I realized, to my dismay, that stores don't support dressing one's toddler and one's infant in matching outfits. It's true. Once you pass the 24month size in most stores you get into a whole knew variety of clothing options, none of which match the infant sizes. Please allow me a moment to pout.

Well, friends, I may be laid back, easy going and sometimes downright lazy, but when I set my mind to something I will stop at very little to get what I want. I continued to search every store I went to for matching outfits until, one happy day, I found what I'd been looking for in the form of twinkie p.j.s!
Thank you, Walmart. You made a young mother very happy.
Both sets of jammies are a size up than what the boys are currently fitting in, but that gives them plenty of time to wear them. And believe you me, these jammies are going to get a good deal of wear-time. 
  This picture was taken yesterday. After the picture session that was completely necessary for the occasion, I felt that the only right thing to do with matching boys is read them a bedtime story.
   And while we're on the topic of bedtime and jammies, here's Noah first thing in the morning:

Mug shots. It was a heinous crime. Lorax and Teddy bear were accomplices. He was too ashamed to even open his eyes.

 Now, friends, my house is in a sore needing for cleaning and I really don't have the drive or energy to get the task done. As playgroup is at my house tomorrow, it will get done, but more likely than not it will happen really early tomorrow morning. (I mentioned I was laid back, right? Did I also say procrastinator? That another rather accurate description of me.) Now, I must away. God bless you, readers!

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