Saturday, March 3, 2012


I am not going to apologize for being late with the update. I have a darn good reason for it. My son was scary sick. Now, I am miserable sick. I am only typing an update because at the moment I am feeding Witten in between feeble, snot-hindered attempts to nap. and yet, in my misery, God is good to me. My parents have come to my aid in Stephan's absence and taken  noah for the morning so that i may nap as best and often as i can until Stephan gets home. i don't even care to type correctly i'm so uneasy.
on a lighter note, last night was another fun night by the Lurhs' firepit making s'mores. Even though I was feeling the onset of sickness as we drove home, i still had lots of fun last night.  I thank God for my friends.

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  1. Love you Colette and praying you will feel better soon. It is so hard being sick when you have a new born and toddler. Let me know if you need anything!