Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beautiful weather, Warm temperatures, and a virus.

It seems that Noah has been sickness-hopping for a few weeks now. Well, more like a few months. First was the February cold, then that frightening early-March cough, and now, just I was cleaning my hands of Kleenex and coughing spells, He wakes up with a lovely fever and a strange rash. According to the doctor, it's nothing Tylenol and snuggles can't fix, so I'm not worried. I am a little annoyed. Not, by any means, at my sons. He's the victim here. I'm annoyed at this merciless string of diseases that wont leave my poor Boogie Boy the heck alone! I realize that 'tis the season for sick babies, what with the weather changing again and again, but it still miffs me.
Yesterday, while Noah was well, we hit up the park with friends! Did anybody else not know that there are two Faulkner parks, one in Lindale and one here in Tyler? I didn't. Neither did one of my friends who I was very much looking forward to seeing. We went to two different parks! Even though Noah didn't get to play with his newest buddy, Mason, he did get some fun in the sun time with Lucy! (or "Juicy", as the tots call her)
  Above is sweet Lucy and happy Noah on the teeter-totter. I bet you can't tell who's the heavier of the two.

 Now, I am tired. Curse you, Ben Franklin, your daylight saving plot has thrown my sleep cycle for a loop! Since both boys are currently sleeping, I will go and join them.  God Bless you all, readers!

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