Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I said yesterday that I had it in mind to go to the zoo. Since I always get my way, ZOO PICTURES!
 Noah, Lydia and Lauren hit the zoo in style. Above you can see Noah and Lydia enjoying the comfort and style of the two-seater red wagon. Below is Lauren scowling at me because I had the audacity to ask her to "smile" while looking at the sun behind my head. 
 The first place the tots enjoyed, as usual, was the otter exhibit. I have a video of the kids chasing the otters back and forth and back and forth, but it's pretty long and for some reason I sound like a man, so I'll save that for myself.
 Next was the mountain lions. Ask any of these cuties what a cougar says and they'll say "ROOOAR!"
 Then we got to see the newest exhibit: the white tigers. this picture doesn't really do these big cats justice. They were huge! As you can see, Noah wanted badly to be closer to the action. I'm pretty sure the only thing that kid is scared of is loud noises near his daddy. (He thinks Daddy's getting hurt. it's pretty cute, but a story for another post).
 Then we got to experience another first at the zoo. We checked out the "wild bird walkabout". Noah and Lydia absolutely loved seeing all those colorful birds up close. Lydia tried to catch them. Noah would point, but not touch.
 I got to hold a few!
 Lastly, per usual, we visited the "petting zoo". The way I see it, what is so exciting about petting bored goats. Where are the pet-able lions and monkeys? But, as usual, Noah loved it. Below is Noah "hugging" a goat. (Look, ma, no hands!)
Above is a video of the wild bird walkabout. Pretty fun, amiright?

  And last, but most certainly not least, I finally caught Witten smiling on camera. Ain't he precious! 
 Be blessed today, readers!
(P.S., I was totally j/king about always getting my way. WE were blessed to go and to be joined with such good friends on such a beautiful day! Thank You, God!)

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