Friday, November 11, 2011

An independent thinker.

Stephan and I have come to the conclusion that, for now, at least, Noah is a pretty independent boy. Give the boy a toy he enjoys and you wont even have to check up on him, he'll just be playing quietly in his room. Of course, there is the occasional crash-then-cry episodes that require immediate investigation, but those are pretty rare and usually over-dramatized by Mr. "I didn't do it". I am honestly very glad that Noah is this way. It enables me to do housework or my Bible study or even just lay on the couch and watch him from a distance. Thank You, God for a child that is not high maintenance.

  So, friends, I have been under the weather lately thanks to a sore throat. I think I would prefer a fever or a headache over a sore throat. In fact, I'm sure I would. Sore throats are miserable and make swallowing a chore. Plus, they last for days and always follow the same pattern: starts with a seemingly harmless tickle that wont go away, leads to an irritating dryness and cough that aggravates it until it's a source of misery and pain that will not yield to any nasty-tasting cough drops. Then, suddenly, it's gone and I praise my Father in heaven that this, too, has passed. I'm looking forward to that there last part.

   Time to prep dinner. Ya'll have a wonderful evening now, ya hear?

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