Friday, November 18, 2011

Calm down, Pork Chop

Friends, I have noticed a while back something that happens to those who become mothers: we turn into worry-warts. Some ladies seem to worry more than other, even pre-motherhood, but once a sweet, new life become your responsibility to care for and maintain, event he chillest of chill people tend to show a little more anxiety.
   "How does this phenomenon show itself?" You are asking
  Well, readers, I can only speak from personal experience on this one, but I will say that anytime my son has a sickness, be it a cold, a fever, the runs, whatever; my mind inadvertently and of its own accord often jumps to the worst possible scenarios for any situation.
   For example: I often still check on Noah while he's sleeping, be it nap time or night time, because my mind will suddenly tell me that he's being too quiet. Nevermind that he's sleeping and therefore quietness will be a definite.
    Another, you say? alright.
Noah, for the first time ever, has a Dr's appointment because he is sick. He has only ever been to the Dr. Office for wellness check ups since the day he was born. Now, at 18 months, he is having a bit of difficulty breathing, so I am taking him to see the Doctor. It's the rational thing that all parents would do, but in my head, I'm praying fervently that Noah doesn't have pneumonia and I'm visualizing dramatic rushes to the hospital holding the limp, wheezing, blue-lipped form of my first born baby. Yeah, it gets that dark up in my head.  See? Motherhood = worrying.

  Now I must go. It's time to see the doctor and I have to wake Noah from his nap. Sorry, Sweet Boy! 

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