Saturday, May 4, 2013

When I was a child, I would play with my mommy's makeup

Now that I have become a woman, well, I still do.
 I usually do NOT post or even take "selfies", but I took this one to prove a point. That point is: my mom's makeup is still fun to play with! It seems to work better, too. Next time a take a selfie, I'll do before and afters of my morning routine so that you, my dear readers, can see what an astonishing difference makeup makes for my face. You can barely see the fine clustering of breakouts on my upper lip, chin and forehead thanks to make up. Yay, make up!
  Now, I have to redeem myself for posting a vanity shot. Here's a picture of my precious boys wearing matching outfits. Why are they wearing identical outfits? Because I can. (Ooooh! I just used the age-old "because" argument. I truly am a parent!)
Today, friends, We are going to celebrate that handsome hunk of lovin' on the right. His birthday may be on the 6th, but we're partying on the 4th. I don't have much to buy/organize for his party, 'cause, like I said, I keep it low-key (no decorative skills whatsoever, remember?). Even so, I have that niggling, nagging feeling of anxiousness that is making me nervous. I always feel this way when hosting/ putting on anything, so I know that once the celebration starts, any bad feelings will disappear. Pictures to come, friends, even if they aren't taken by me.
Y'all be blessed, readers.

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