Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Bad blog! Stop looking so bland!

Silly boy thought he was so silly!
 We went to the Brookshire's Wildlife museum last week with our long-lost friends, Ms. Angie and Grayson. Even though Noah and Grayson haven't seen each other in quite a while, they ran and played like they haven't missed a day apart.
Silly boy is handsome, just like his daddy.

Here are the happy boys on top of the fire truck.

Best buds!
 That was last week. We were invited to go there again this past Monday. Or was it Tuesday? I can't keep track of my days anymore. Time is FLYING by and I need to document my life better! Anyways, Ashley Johnson and her two precious girls invited us to the wildlife museum. By happy coincidence, Aubrey and her two were also there. Again, we had fun with friends. 
Look! they're getting so big!
 After that morning out, we returned to our new temporary digs and had lunch. Then I got an idea. I got a wonderful idea. I dressed my boys in their swim trunks for the first time this summer season and slathered them up with sunblock. With Noah's help and Witten looking on from a safe distance (he didn't like the water at all at first), we washed Noah's little red push car. It was so fun! The car wash itself took about two minutes, 'cause it is a tiny car, but after that bad boy was all spiffed up, we spent the next 30-45 minutes playing with the water hose. Eventually, even Witten was having a blast and soaking wet. It was such a fun, simple activity, and we wrapped it up by eating popcicles Noah helped me make last night.
    This fun outdoor activity made me realize what a difference it is living out here in the "sticks". Sure, mom and dad have neighbors, but you can hardly see most of them through the trees, so there's no fear of nosy neighbors or traffic or anything. We had so much fun with our mini-car wash yesterday that today, Noah, Witten and I had lunch outside. We've never done this before, and it was so fun!
Witten was such a big boy! He used his little fork better than his messy brother did.
Not only is the back yard great for eating, Bebe and Papa pulled out all the stops and purchased an awesome used play set the shape of a boat! 
It's pretty much this, except a bit older and there's a super fun slide
Stephan put is together yesterday afternoon and we set Noah to exploring it once it was safe. He loved it! Witten wanted very badly to go up in there too, but he's too small, so we just sent him down the slide a few times. Good enough, he loved it. 
  In personal news, I am trying to adjust to our new circumstances, and I am,but it's still strange feeling. I have lofty plans to resume my former healthy meal-planning and jogging, especially since the circle surrounding mom and dad's house is approximately one mile, but I have yet to get to it because of an inability to find a steady rhythm yet. It has only been a few days, and things like Dr. appointments and spontaneous invitations to play have caused us to be up and out of the house a lot, so I'm going to cut myself a little slack for not diving right into my idealistic health routine. But only a little slack! I will return to a healthy state and soon! I'm going to the beach this September, for Pete's sake!

Also, I have discovered that party planning, no matter how badly you wish and strive for it to be stress-free, is never without it's difficulties. Despite the forecast being dumb and chilly for this weekend, Noah's party will go on and it will be lots of fun, even if it will be much drier than I originally anticipated. And the cake will be awesome. (Seriously, go try any of the baked goods at cafe Tazza. If Jessie Mayes made them, they will ruin you for all other baked goods.)

Well, readers, this has been fun and long, and I now feel like I've caught y'all up on my life, for the most part. God has been faithful and good and will continue to be so. Praise God! goodbye for now.

Be blessed, readers!

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