Saturday, May 25, 2013

Seriously, though.

Friends, I was just now making my bed, which is more of a challenge than making a standard, full-sized bed should be due to my husband's outlandish sleep patterns, and I was suddenly so overwhelmed by exhaustion that I flopped onto my belly on that hardly-made bed and seriously couldn't move! I did, eventually, will my heavy body to rise up and finish the task at hand before I succumbed to sleep. Now the bed is made and I am lying on it, updating my blog. 'Cause I've got something to say.

 Readers, this is a baby born after being housed safely in her mother's womb fora mere 24 weeks.
Friends, this is a baby. This baby is at the start of her new life. This baby holds potential and promise to grow and be healthy and do great things. This baby's mother spared no expense to ensure her precious daughter would live, even though she came out so early. This baby has a life!
   Friends, just 4 weeks earlier, this baby's mother could have legally chosen to end this child's life. In the state of Texas, the cut-off age for a legal, in-clinic abortion is 19.6 weeks, according to planned parenthood's website. At twenty weeks, a small baby, who has been moving, feeling, seeing, tasting, growing hair, and can even get the hiccups, can be killed at a mother's behest. And, most sickeningly, the most common reason for an abortion is convenience. The mother is too young/ unmarried/ already has kids, and the responsibility of adding another life to hers would be too much for her to bear. I have heard other arguments for abortion as well. I will give this to you, pro-choice readers; there are many valid reasons for a woman to not be a mother. But there is never a good reason to kill a baby. 
  For the sake of a new, separate life, is it too much to ask for one to sacrifice 9 months of discomfort and "inconvenience"? For those mommies and daddies that want a baby so badly, but can't have one due to a slew of reasons, can't you let the life you don't want to deal with exist anyways? For those who are willing to spend however much money and time it costs to take a baby not biologically theirs and raise it as their own beloved child, won't you consider an alternative to abortion?
Adoption, adoption, adoption. One of the kindest, most unselfish things anyone can do. A true blessing for both childless parents and unwanted children. A beautiful, tangible portrayal of the love our Father in heaven has for us, His adopted sons and daughters. Adoption!
  I typed this uncharacteristically somber post because I hate abortion so much. I don't hate those who have abortions. I don't hate those performing the abortions. I hate that such a thing even exists. The killing of the innocent is deplorable, and I see babies in utero as the most defenseless of the innocent. 
  Something to think and pray about for sure.
 After all, we were all babies in our mother's belly once.

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