Thursday, May 9, 2013

Don't get too excited folks,

But I do believe God has shown us our new house.
 Our new house is a beautiful house with everything we want and plenty of room for improvements and changes. It's in a great area with a great neighborhood and it's an easy bike-ride away from the Stand, meaning it's exactly what we wanted! (Also, our new neighbors are the bomb. *What up, Luhrs!*) I'm being cautiously optimistic, just in case we find a flaw during the inspection that is a definite deal-breaker and we back out, but I doubt that will happen. I'll post pictures as soon as I can. Friends, don't let me forget to take before and afters!
 And now, a time for reflection. And a picture that might embarrass the tar out of Stephan.
   I'm glad Stephan and I did not meet in high school. We were both completely different people then. I would have seen him in the cafeteria or across the gym, as he mingled coolly with his tennis team buddies, and I would have thought he was so hot, as high school girl do, but I would have figured it impossible that anything would come of it, for he would have been three years older than me and one of the "cool" guys, therefore waaaaay out of my weird, quirky league. He would have seen me in that same cafeteria or gym and snickered at me, and then probably not give me a second thought. I'm not ashamed of my high school oddness, and neither would I have blamed Stephan for thinking me weird. Lots of people did, and I couldn't care less. But, boy, if we had met in high school, and that had been the extent of our "relationship", we would both be missing out on the best life God could give us! And the world would be short of two incredibly precious, blonde headed boys! I'm SO glad we didn't meet in high school.
   Though I will say that Mr. Handsome Man used to be Mr. Hottie McTottie back in his high school days. *Woo!*      
12 hours shift in a New Mexico milking parlor can't dampen this stud's smolder. He even looks good brushing his teeth!
 If the above picture is what Noah will someday look like, and Noah's current stunning similarity to his father pretty much guarantees he will, then watch out, teenaged girls of Noah's future! There's an impossibly cute cutie coming your way!
 All that to say this: God's timing is perfect. While we may feel the need to rush and worry and make things happen, His perfect plan is already in motion. So chill, all my single ladies and all you unattached men! God's plan for you is unfolding before your feet, you just need to follow Him and trust and obey. For there's no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey. And now you're singing that song, aren't you?

 Now I miss my husband.

Be blessed, readers!

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  1. Stephan is not going to be happy about that.