Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ladies, go check out BSF

Bible Study Fellowship.
I have partook of this particular Bible study for the past four years now. With this well established and organized study of God's word, I have undergone an in-depth study of John, Isaiah, Acts, and this last year, Genesis. Dear readers, I do love me some BSF.
 Friends, I have long had a very difficult time with putting aside a slot of time in my day specifically for personal quiet time, and every Bible study I've attempted to do on my own was always left sadly undone. I blame my brain. It's the wrong kind of brain for organization and focus. God made my brain for imagining and jumping about. But since joining BSF and committing myself to the "homework" provided by the hardworking staff at BSF headquarters, I have been feeling so much more plugged into and recharged by God's Word. Yes, I still miss some days or skip some studies, but overall, this Bible study is truly a God-send.
  And, dear friends, not only is it one heck of a blessing for me, with all the learning and the growing and the fellowship, but I have seen crazy-precious growth and learning in my little boogie-boy, who attend the childcare provided by the Wednesday morning study. How can I tell, you might ask? I'll show you:
That's Noah singing a song he learned at BSF. In case you couldn't understand his childish tune, he sings, "Good morning, God! This is Your day. I am Your child. Show me Your way!"
 *pause for a moment of motherly praise and affection*
That is one of several God-honoring songs Noah has learned from his time at Bible study. Every time he busts out a song he learned from the wonderful ladies who taught his class, I feel a renewed swelling of pride and hope in my heart. Pride at what a good little learner and singer Noah is, and hope that, someday, the simple songs and easy lessons he is learning now, from Bible study and his church class and here at home, will sink down and settle into his heart and he will realize how much God loves him and he will love God with all his heart in return. That's certainly what I'm praying for for both my sons, and their presence at BSF is certainly helping. Also, Noah learned the pledge of allegiance at BSF. UH-dorable.
   And, to sign off, a picture that I want to burn permanently into my mind so as to treasure forever.
The cuteness! It's too much!!
Be blessed, readers!

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