Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kinda makes you think

Health scares make you think more about your health.
I'm fine, don't worry. It's my precious father-in-law.
After a few days of intense pain, Stephan's mother dragged his father to their hospital in Jacksonville. He was immediately transported to Tyler's Mother Francis hospital after a CAT scan showed a large mass in his abdominal cavity. The doctors at Mother Francis found a 7lb tumor the size of a grapefruit pressing on his stomach. We have yet to find out the results of the biopsy, but, needless to say, it has been an eye-opening experience for all. Sias, my father-in-law, has given up any and all unhealthy habits he has casually embraced for years and years. And when Noah wanted to call Oupa last week, and he said, "I love you, Oupa", that sweet old man cried on the phone.
  As for us, we have re-realized the importance of praying for our loved ones. I know that prayer makes a difference, and though we pray for Ouma and Oupa every once in a while, usually during Noah's bedtime prayer, we have now made a far more conscious effort to pray for them daily, along with all of our family members.
 Also, we are trying to be very present and in-the-moment when visiting Ouma and Oupa. Somehow, that equated to a few crazy moments during our last visit to the farm.
Riding a cow is fun!

I believe this is called the redneck swimming pool?
I love that my boys love both set of grandparents so much. Witten seems to favor his grandfathers, though. Every day, he's on the lookout for Papa. Every time he sees my dad, he loudly calls him repeatedly until dad acknowledges him. Then, he'll pause for a moment, and start at it again. "pa-PA! pa-PA! pa-PA!" It's the same at Ouma and Oupa's house. "o-PA! o-PA!" He'll gladly point out Bebe or Ouma, but the party don't start 'til gramps walks in, as far as he's concerned.
  And since we're talking about health and junk, let me declare, here and now, that Taco Bell is a HORRIBLE idea for anyone recovering from a stomach bug. Even if you think that's all your uneasy stomach wants, just say "No!" Stephan is recovering from the same 24-hr bug that I dealt with yesterday. Praise God for Phil. Stephan's back-up cook stepped in on very short notice and allowed Stephan to spend the day resting at home.
Witten crawled up there himself so he could watch the game like Daddy.
 Looking at the above picture makes me realize that my family is all men, save for my lonely lady-self. It also makes me thank God profusely for such a wonderful family. A handsome, loving, hard-working husband, an energetic, happy, imaginative big boy, and my squishy, funny, cute little guy. Though they tire me, and oft' cause me frustration, I love them all so much and would hate my life without them.

 Be blessed, readers. And be aware of your health.

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