Thursday, April 11, 2013

Like the sunflower, I yearn to turn my face to the sun!

Did I spell "yearn" right? Oh, I guess I did. Thank you, auto-correct.

That post title is a line from the song Memories from the hit musical "Cats". I was going to name this blog post "Memories", but I think I've already done that a time or two. And it's kinda boring. Hence, the expanded, platinum-edition title.

I wanted to title this post "Memories" because I am talking about how wonderful it is watching memories be made. My husband, the Handsome Man, and I both wish with all of our hearts to purposefully create moments for optimum happy-memory-making as often as possible for our sons. Any new, fun activity that we can do as a family, we want to do. I want my sons to look back on their childhoods, once they're all grown up, and see memory after memory of, "That was so fun!" or "Dad was so cool!" or "I loved doing that with Mom and Dad!"
  Two moments such as these happened recently. One is rather commonplace, though still lots of fun, while the other was a whole new experience for Noah.
  This is the double-double-stroller stroll:
Yes, it's fuzzy. We were moving, after all.
 We have some good friends. I have 'oft spoken of them. They're called by the name Skinner. They recently became a family of four and, therefore, graduated to a double jogging stroller. One day, we went to the Skinners' for dinner. After dinner, we decided to go for a walk. The men took up the task of pushing the kids without us mommies even asking. While Aubrey and I followed at a small distance, the men strode confidently ahead, proudly pushing their cute kids. It was too sweet a scene not to capture on camera, and I hope this happens a lot more often.
 Next, a moment I (and maybe Noah) have been waiting for: our first fishing trip!
A while ago, Noah got himself his first fishing pole. He was eager to use it, for he was planning on catching a big, red, gooey fish, just like Mickey Mouse on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. So, last week, we hopped in the car, stopped by Bebe and Papa's to drop off Squish (Witten's not ready for this yet. Too much excitement.), and then headed to the smallest dock you'll find on lake Tyler.
    Noah did very well on his first fishing expedition. Just like he practiced with good 'ole Mickey, he would cast his line into the water (with my help), and then say "turn, turn, turn. Turn, turn, turn!" as he reeled it back in. (Nevermind that I had a sinker/bobber combo set up on his line. He has his father's patience and would not sit still and let the fishies nibble.) Neither Stephan or Noah actually caught anything, and that must have discouraged the lad. After about 10-15 minutes of no success or big, red, gooey fish to take home and show off, Noah declared, "I'm done fishing!" and threw his rod and reel into the lake. Happily, Stephan managed to snag the bobber on Noah's line with his own, because that little rod was sinking fast. And I was laughing too hard to me of much use.

  Yes, friends, though often I am "mean-old mom" or "the punisher" in this household, God blesses me with these sweet moments with these boys that I can treasure forever. And I love watching Stephan being such an excellent father. It's just too cute.

Be blessed, readers! 

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