Saturday, April 20, 2013


Enough sadness. Enough of sin's corruption and wicked man's hate. I fight with myself when it comes to loving this world and not anticipating the arrival of God's new Kingdom on earth enough, but on weeks like this past one, after reading all the depressing news stories and angry comments and responses and accusations, I truly do feel the urgency when I say, as John did in Revalation 22:20, "Come, Lord Jesus!" I am ready to be with Jesus. I am ready for not only the power of sin, but the very presence of sin to be removed from my life. How am I supposed to protect my sons from this world when sin is everywhere? Come, Lord Jesus, come!
Must       distract      mind!  

Too    much      sadness!

Yeah, we do everything together. 'Cause we're buds.

Noah love Daddy.

This mess was not nearly as fun to clean up as it looked like it was to make.

Firstly, please notice the matching duck-butt hair styles.

Then, look at how happy these boys are to play Ouma's piano.
 Life is moving very fast right now. Lots of big changes. Mostly moving and stuff. Our house, this precious building that saw 4 anniversaries, several birthdays, two brand-new babies, a lot of renovations, and the birth of a happy family, has been sold. We will be moving in with my parents until our future home is found, bought, and perfected. I hate packing. Everything seems so busy, it's nice to just sit and look through pictures and reflect on happy, quiet, loving, good times.
  Dang it, I made myself cry.
Be blessed, readers!

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