Friday, April 5, 2013

"Cough into your hand, Noah"

I have said that so often this morning. Noah and I are muscling through the same kind of bug today. For the past few days I have had an irritating sore throat. Now it is a sore throat/runny nose/cough combo. Noah's sounds a little worse for wear. Therefor, we are staying in today.
  It's actually kind of nice. So often I plan out my days to involve activities for fun and distraction. Today, we haven't changed out of our p.j's or washed our faces or even brushed our teeth. (Don't come over unannounced right now. You'd be in for a nose-full.) Instead, we're coloring and building with blocks and crinkling up paper and racing hot wheels. If someone who lives nearby would volunteer to bring us lunch so that I wouldn't have to waddle into the kitchen and touch food, that would make this day downright joyful.
  But now, I am getting dizzy, so I sign off with a "how do" and wish you all a blessed day.
Be blessed, readers!

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