Monday, October 1, 2012

For the fridge

I have always disliked grocery shopping. I didn't like it because I was disorganized, unprepared, and usually hungry when I went, which always resulted in a overflowing shopping cart full of random impulse buys that would ring up to a doozy of a shopping bill but, strangely, hardly any real meals for dinner.
   Friends, I thank God above for His Holy Spirit who empowers me to make changes for the better.
My past two shopping trips have been orchestrated around a precise shopping list filled with fresh produce and healthy meals. The totals for these trips are still roughly the same as before hand, but I now come home with a full weeks worth of dinners and snacks and lunches. Where does the work of the Lord come in to play? I eat these healthy, vegeable-laden meals. I don't know how He did it, but the good Lord has matured my taste buds to allow me to eat vegetables that, previous to two weeks ago, would cause me to literally gag.
   Even typing this, I feel kinda silly for praising God for fixing my food preferences. But to anyone who knows me (even more so, who raised me), knows that this is a big deal. (While we're on the subject, sorry about throwing up sweet potatoes on your shoes back in the day, Dad.)
  Now, I shall devote a small space of blog to praise my son.
Noah told me mid-shopping trip that he had to poo-poo in the potty. We scurried through Walmart and dove into the largest available stall, wherein Noah tee-teed on the potty like a big boy! HOLY MOLY!!  That was a glorious first that I have been anticipating for months. I'm not going to say "I think he's finally gotten it", because every time I say that, Noah takes a step or two backwards and I end up eating my words. I was so excited about Noah's achievement, I told the first cashier I passed on the way out of the bathroom about what happened. She didn't seemed as impressed with Noah's accomplishment as I was. Oh well. Good job, Noah!
  Be blessed today, readers! And go eat a delicious hot do or sausage at The Stand. It's prefect hot dog weather.

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