Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I gots me the intrernets!

To celebrate two months of successful living, Noah got viciously stabbed in the leg three times by a fiend in burgundy scrubs. I took my sister to his check up for moral support, knowing that I might be adversely affected by my infant son's cries of intense pain. My plan did not work so well, 'cause all three of us cried, Noah crying the hardest, of course.
Now, After spending the evening finding comfort from his yucky boo-boo's on his father's loving chest, Noah has settled down in his crib. I will be waking him again at 11:00 to attempt a feeding, but his last one was brief, as his legs were sore and distracted him from his nourishment. My poor baby!
My prayers tonight are for two friends of mine. Both are soon to embark on a joyous, terrifying, and admittedly painful adventure known as giving birth. I have complete faith in God to watch over them both, and I cannot WAIT to meet these sweet little baby girls, though it breaks my heart that it will be at least a month or so before I can meet and hold and love on baby Lydia Skinner. And her mom, too. (don't want to neglect the parents, they might get jealous. That's what Tiffany does. But I just can't help it! Her puppies are too cute and her breath reeks horribly! Melissa dropped one. It cried so loudly. poor Chunky...)
My phone is starving itself of power by refusing to charge, so I might have a pickle of a time keeping in touch with Aubrey and Crisi tomorrow and the day after. Could be troublesome...

To Aubrey and Kevin Skinner: May God bless you both so very much in the days to come. Enjoy every moment with your precious gift, 'cause they pass by so quickly. Even the stinky, not to sweet moments are memorable, so cherish every one! I wish with all my being to be with you to help you celebrate this new stage of life and your marriage, but I hope that my prayers and well-wishes from afar will satisfy until I see ya'll again in person. God bless you!!! I love you both and miss you so stinkin' much!

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