Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's oh, so quiet

Baby's sleeping. I'll wake him once more for his evening feeding. After that, I'll sing him a lullaby or two, kiss his sleepy forehead, and then put him to bed. After that, mommy's gonna drop into her own beddy-bye and not wake up for several blissful hours. I love this time of night

My friends, God is important. His everything is so important. I don't really live like I believe that. My lack of acting regularly upon my beliefs is a shameful fault of mine that I'm not at all proud of and I sincerely wish to change. It's one of several shortcomings I wrangle with daily, another being adhering to a healthy lifestyle. Is it wrong to ask God to help me love Him? I really do want to want Him, but can I honestly say that I want to want Him more than anything else in this world? I'm going to stop writing about this for now, otherwise I'd have a very long post on my hands, and I have less than half an hour.

I probably shouldn't blog at night. This is when I get deep, moody and retrospective.

Instead of darkening my post any more, I shall sign off with well-wishes for my dear friends; those with babies and those with babies to come!

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