Saturday, July 10, 2010

super senses

motherhood has endowed me with some pretty neat-o super senses. I can hear Noah start to rouse from his slumber from across the house. I can smell odors that no one else does (and it drives me crazy!). I'm pretty much supergirl.

Blessed be the glorious God who made me, He is good indeed! This past week, He carefully and lovingly brought two sweet and beautiful baby girls into the lives of their excited parents. Now, He will watch over them every day, just as He watches over Noah and all the other little children. What a great God I serve!

Now, friends, we wait for the next couple to announce their expectancy. This baby boom might have reached its fruition, but I highly doubt that it will be the last. Until that time, let all the joyous playdates, snuggle times, milestones, smiles, coos, and cuddles begin! (as well as the sleepless nights, loads of diapers, fussy eaters, gassy poots, etc...) Baby are such a blessing!

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