Monday, June 28, 2010


I saw that word on the desktop, so I dubbed this post as such.

This might be the last post I post. Simply because I can't find time or Internet for updating my blog. I'll try to make this post as entertaining and informative as possible.

Noah is already so much bigger than when he first popped into this world. Two months does so much to babies. He's holding up his wobbly little head and smiling big smiles that just can't be caused by gas. He's beautiful and adorable. I love him, even when he's crying his angriest cry or making his messiest diaper.

Stephan and I are adjusting to life being mommy and daddy as well as husband and wife. A part of me misses having all of Stephan's undivided attention. It could be the hormones, or maybe I'm just being demanding. Either way, I can't wait for our first romantic date.

I'm feeling tired and angsty. I think I need to sleep. STUPID MOSQUITOES!

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