Monday, May 31, 2010

these are the special times

I made a cake yesterday that is DELICIOUS! I was craving something sweet, so I made a cake. Now I'm kind of regretting it, because there's so much to eat, and it's fattening, yet soo tasty!

Noah's sleeping in his bouncy seat. I would put him in his crib, but he has this habit of waking up once tuck neatly into his crib. He will gladly sleep pretty much anywhere else but his crib. It's something that we are zealously at work to correct.
I fell in love with Noah again today. He was looking right at me, which is rare because he can't really focus on things just yet, and his sweet, dark blue eyes were so innocent and adorable and everything else that baby eyes are! I asked him to please not grow up too quickly and to not be a smart you-know-what when he becomes a teenager. Until that time, I plan on treasuring every moment I can. And having more babies.

It was Memorial day today, but I didn't go out. Why, you might ask. Because it's already stinking hot and I don't want to expose Noah to the sun's death-rays just yet. I did get to lay out for a bit today. My sister came over and we tanned on the back patio while Noah napped. Needless to say, it was exciting and disgusting to get back into a bathing suit. And we only laid out for, like, 20 minutes. As I said, it is stinking HOT. (I pity those out there that are still pregnant. bummer.)

I realize, fans, that I haven't been updating as regularly as I used to. It's not just because I have a baby now, even though that is a part of it. It's mainly because our neighbor's stupid internet keeps cutting out. Stephan usually drives to McDonalds to use their WiFi when he needs to check his e-mails. We just might cave soon and actually pay for our own internet.
I'm signing off for now. I'll try to update you all soon. and maybe add more pictures.

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