Friday, May 14, 2010

close your eyes and rest your head

Big, excited shout out to the Skinners, who are on their way to the state of love and joy and friends and family as I type. YAY!
My baby boy is napping sweetly. He sleeps a lot. I don't really mind it, but at the same time, I want to be able to spend more time with him. I know that, all in good time, I will miss the days of seemingly constant slumber and sweet, quiet awake times, but for now, I want to go cuddle with him in his crib just so I can touch him some more.
Speaking of cuddling, my cat Tizzy is filling up my lap right now. She's pretty cute when she's desperate for attention. Like right now, how she's tummy-side up and waving her right paw in front of my face. I used to think she was the softest thing to touch. Then I had a baby. When you think "baby", you don't instantly think "soft", but for the first few days of Noah's life, I petted him like a puppy because of how soft he is! And I sniffed him, too. Newborns smell good. Or maybe that's just my opinion.
Tonight, the sweet Jimiliys are bringing Stephan and I Papa Murphey's pizza and salad. Our friends and family have been so kind and helpful this past week. Thank You, God, for Your kindness to us, shown through these wonderful blessings!
I'd like to go on another family walk this evening. We'll have to wait and see how tired Stephan is after work.
Drive safely, dear Skinners!

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