Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How marvelous, how wonderful!

This message will be a brief one, because my son is napping and I want to get a bit of cleaning done to the house. But I feel the obligation to update, since it have been a while and I'm sure my two fans are missing my in-depth descriptions of life.
Last night, my 6-day old son slept happily through the night, save for the times he was supposed to wake up for his feedings. Stephan and I were thrilled. For the past few night previous to this last one, poor little Noah had a rumbly tummy that kept him from sleeping very well and therefore, kept mommy and daddy from sleeping very well. I am hoping that this last night foreshadows the rest of his infancy in regards to sleep patterns. 'Cause that would be amazing!
My baby is jaundice. I am told not to worry, most newborns have jaundice. But can you seriously expect a first-time mother to now worry about her baby's health? Especially since it didn't show up in the two days and nights Noah spent in the hospital. Praise God my pediatrician is an amazing doctor who loves kids and God and has years and years and years of experience. To anyone looking for a doctor for their children, Dr. Rick Rogers is the man to see.
Another factor I worry probably far too much about is if my son is getting enough to eat. He has a constant supply of wet and dirty diapers and his poopie diapers have transitioned, as they were supposed to, from icky meconium poop to a healthy mustard color and consistency. SO, according to his diapers, he's healthy and feeding well. How come, then I still fret over not producing enough milk?
Alright, this post is far longer than I originally planned. I have to go wash my face. My baby's due to lunch at 11:00, and then I'm going to give him his second "bath" at home. (:D) Too stinkin' excited for this weekend! I wish it would hurry and get here, 'cause I have best friends to see!!! (Yay Skinners!) I'm off!

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