Saturday, March 2, 2013

New life

Oh, to relish the newness of life!
Congratulations are in order for Aubrey and Kevin Skinner, their son is here! And boy howdy, is he absolutely perfect! He reminds me of my brand new babies.
He is a sleeper and a good eater, which are two qualities every mom wants in their newborn baby. I got to visit them in the hospital yesterday. I held him and loved on him and got to change him into his first tiny outfit. He didn't open his eyes once. He even made those precious, squeaky, little newborn noises of contentment that I absolutely love to hear! After talking to his proud-as-punch parents, I have concluded that my formerly unproven hypothesis on the bi-polar tendencies of the pregnancy and the temperament/character of the baby is, in fact, pretty spot on. As far as Aubrey goes, that is. My observations have proven that easy pregnancy equals high maintenance baby, and high maintenance pregnancy equals easy baby. But again, that's only proven to be the case for Aubrey. Either way, perfectly healthy babies were produces and the Skinners are now a family of four. 
See? So wonderful!
At the healthy weight of 6 lbs 9oz, Owen made the scene exactly a month early. He was due on April 1st and showed up on March 1st. (Imagine how big he might have been if he'd stayed in utero for the last month!) In saying that, I still couldn't believe how tiny he was! My thoughts were, "No. Neither of my sons were ever that small! that's so small!". I think I may have voiced those thoughts. And, I'm not sorry to say, seeing that precious new blessing from God zapped me with instant baby fever and I am eagerly awaiting the time when God sees it is good for Stephan and I to have another one. (Your will be done and all, Lord, but please let it be a girl next time!)

  In my child news, we have been mentally preparing for a trip to the beach this September! During that sadly brief warm weather snap last week, we practiced building sand castles and not eating sand. 
Almost as excited as I am.

They've got this "chillin" thing down.
    Not only will we be going to the beach this September, but in the same month I get to stand by my dear friend Sarah Ward's side as she marries her Mr. Right. Well look at that. God has provided me with definite motivation to get and stay healthy. Thanks, God.

I love my husband.

Be blessed, readers! Especially you, Skinners.

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