Monday, March 11, 2013

Have I ever told you how I feel about my nose?

My brother and sister ended their self-imposed Ft. Worth isolation and came to visit the family this past weekend.
Let is be noted that my brother and my sister are fantastic at being an uncle and an aunt. I didn't get a picture of how much Noah loves Uncle Justin, but I did get one of Witten using Aunt Melissa as a comfy recliner.
Melissa was laughing because Witten was trying to put his fat little thumb in her mouth.
I love my sibs. And I love how my sons are growing in their love for each other. Here lately there has been a lot more snuggling and playing and brotherly bonding between the two. I love it!
love it!
Lord, may these boys and any other siblings you give to them always be close. May they always be friends. Thank You kindly, Lord, for making me their mommy. Amen.

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