Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In honor of a very good thing

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday, darling Stephan,
Happy birthday to you!

I have 'oft waxed eloquently about my deep love for one special man, and as today is his birthday, I feel it appropriate to do it again.

  I love this man very much.
I love his height and weight and color and size,
I love his sandy blonde hair and his shining blue eyes.
I love his crooked grin and his rough hands
I love his past and his present and his future plans.
 I love how he lives as though nothing in life
is more important to him than his God, kids, and wife.
 I love the type of father that he is for his sons
And the one he plans to be for his daughter (if we have one).
 When he is hard to love, I do love him still
because I know that to do so is God's will.
I love how he treats friends and strangers alike
and the relationship he has with my daddy, Mike. (*yeah* I rhymed that)
I love that he works hard to make his dreams come true
I love that he'll teach his sons to do that too.
 I'll love him forever, I love him through and through.
To end, here's more pictures and a haiku:

  Praise God, He is good.
In His plan, He made us one.
I thank Him so much.

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