Friday, January 4, 2013

My sister

My sister is severely fashionable. She always has had more of a knack for wearing what's actually in style as opposed to me wearing what I think works just fine. All through high school, we shared make up, clothes and shoes, yet she was the cutie-patootie and I was mistaken for a gothic chick more than once.
  Now, my dear sis is a hair stylist, which means that her fashion points have shot up due to sheer (pun intended)  job obligation. Whenever I see her, even if it's first thing in the morning at our parents' house after she's been living out of a bag for three days, she somehow manages to effortlessly look cute. This chick could rock sweats, ugg boots, a fuchsia tee shirt and a ruffled scarf, and her hair would look fabulous, too.

I say all this because today, as I looked at my cute new boots and tried my hardest to think of an activity appropriate, yet very trendy outfit to wear with them, I sighed in frustration and thought to myself, "my sister would never have this problem!"

Too cute for you, zoo.

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