Monday, January 14, 2013

Big Lion Kings and Wise Men

Noah is reading the Bible beside me as I update right quick. According to Noah, the wise men were very scared of a big lion king, but Daniel told them it will be okay and God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He's so good to me, and Daniel was happy. The end!
    That makes me smile really big.
Stephan and I have tried to make it a nightly ritual to read to Noah from his Jesus Storybook Bible. I tried to start that trend a year or so ago, but Noah was not interested in wordy stories with only a few pictures and no neat textures to touch or pop-up animals to laugh at. I see it as a sign of growth and maturity that he can now sit contently in my lap and be enthralled with a story about a God he can't see but who loves him very much. (As long as I use plenty of energy and hand gestures and sound effects as I'm reading). I like this new ritual.
  Witten is taking a lot of assisted steps lately. He will pretty much walk anywhere if someone is there to hold his hands. He's also become very vocal lately. He still uses only a few actual words, but he loves to argue. I am also becoming more and more concerned with his eating. The kid's a pig! But if the doctor says he's okay, I'll trust him. I'll just enjoy my squishy little porker. I sure do wish Witten was more of a snuggler, though.
  Stephan found a rat in the minivan's engine this morning. I'm not going near that car until that situation is taken care of.
  Now for a brief note of seriousness:
 Stephan owns a gun. We keep it in our house for our protection. It was not purchased for hunting or murdering, it was bought legally for our safety's sake. It is kept safely out of the reach of children. It is our constitutional right to own this and any gun we so chose to buy. To those in the government who are trying, with dishonest and manipulative means, to disarms us and all other law-abiding citizens of our firearms, I say, as did the brave soldiers of the Texas revolution,

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