Monday, January 7, 2013

Party party party party

Witten turned one last week, but this past Sunday we celebrated with a party.
Yes, those are home made cupcakes and a home made cake. Don't be too impressed.
I have learned from experience that, as much as I love all of my family and want them to be able to celebrate every great occasion with us, inviting my whole, extended family to a party for a baby at my house is not the best idea. It gets crowded fast. Therefore, this year, I did immediate family and friends only, and even then it was a full party. But in a good kind of way.  Since I'm not super creative or able to make adequate, pinterest-worthy decorations, I had no theme (per usual) and simply went with cake and ice cream and pizza. (You can not go wrong with cake and ice cream and pizza). Witten seemed to enjoy himself a lot. He had fun interacting with his little friends and smashing his little cake and playing with his new, very loud toys. I was pleasingly surprised to find that the older children are now perfectly capable of playing by themselves without needing much adult supervision at all. Stephan and I, for the most part, mingled and chatted with our friends. It was honestly fun!
  Now Witten is waking up from his nap, so I'll just post some more pictures and go. Be blessed readers!
Oh, Du Toit boys, so sleepy.

Witten was more than happy to eat cake

Yah! Cake!
And, to end on a high note, presents.

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